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New Patient Information

Could Dr. Gelbart be the right psychiatrist for you?

Have you tried several psychiatric medications, without success?

Are you unsure about trying psychiatric medications, or do you have anxieties/fears around taking medications? 

Do you have a complex mental health history and want to explore psychiatric treatments based on your personal biology?

Do you want to try non-medication, evidence-supported approaches to wellness, such as executive functioning coaching, mindfulness, and/or dietary supplements?

Are you feeling frustrated and lost with the process of receiving quality psychiatric care?

If you said "yes" to any of those questions, Dr. Gelbart may be a good fit for you!

Want to schedule an evaluation?

Please click the button below to fill out the Patient Screening Form. This will determine if Dr. Gelbart can provide the level of care you need, and will allow you to submit your information to get an evaluation scheduled.

Submission of this form goes directly to our medical office and is HIPAA compliant according to Google Workspace HIPAA Compliance standards.


Dr. Gelbart specializes in the treatment of complex psychiatric disorders, including: 

Mood disorders (depression, bipolar)

Anxiety disorders


Eating disorders

ADHD and other cognitive problems


Psychotic disorders


Dr. Gelbart accepts several types of insurance. If he does not accept your insurance, he can provide a superbill, which you can give to your insurance for some reimbursement.

Even if your insurance is on this list, whether he is in YOUR network depends on your plan. We will check your eligibility before your first appointment to determine if he is in-network and whether you need to meet your deductible before insurance will cover visits.

Cancellations & Fees

If cancelled at least 1 business day in advance, the patient will not be charged for a cancelled appointment. If the appointment was not cancelled within 1 business day, the patient will be billed for the whole appointment. Insurance does not cover that cost, so the patient will be responsible for that fee.

Insurances Accepted

Blue Cross (California only)

Blue Shield (California only)



United Healthcare



US Healthcare


Insurances Not Accepted

Blue Cross/Blue Shield outside of CA



And more

Self-Pay Fees

New Patient Evaluation: $425

15 Minute Follow-Up: $175

For quick medication check-ins with no adjustments.

30 Minute Follow-Up: $225

For medication check-ins with some adjustments, lab ordering, and/or quick psychotherapy.

45 Minute Follow-Up: $300

For complex medication management and/or psychotherapy.

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