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Current Patient Information & Assistance

Patient Portal

The Athena Patient Portal is the primary way you will communicate with Dr. Gelbart. See below for video tutorials on how to use the portal.

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Request Refills

Send a secure message through the portal requesting a refill. 

Including the following information:

  • Pharmacy

  • Prescription name

  • Dosage

  • Number of pills/tablets per day

  • Number of days

Send Secure Messages

Send Dr. Gelbart and the office non-urgent messages about billing, insurance, medications, or anything else relating to your care.

Easily schedule appointments through the portal. For quick instructions, please watch the video below. 

If your patient portal is different than what is in the video and isn't allowing you to schedule, please email with your name and a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Schedule Appointments

Portal Technical Support

Common Issues & Solutions

Please review the following known issues to see if they fix your problem. If you are still experiencing trouble, please submit the form below.

  • It won't let me send a message.

    • Solution: You must select a provider and subject in order to submit the message.​ Please watch the instructional video (located on this page) for refill request instructions (refill requests are sent the same exact way).

  • When I get to appointment scheduling, it says no appointments are available.

    • Solution: After you select the Reason for Visit, the page will refresh with available times. It automatically shows the current date, which will never have times available, since we don't allow same-day scheduling through the patient portal. Select other days on the calendar to view other days; the ones circled in green have available slots that fit your Reason for Visit. Please watch the instructional video (located on this page) for appointment scheduling instructions.

  • It won't let me pay my bill.

    • Solution: You may not have any charges yet on your account. If you are self-pay, check back in a few days. If you are going through insurance, it could take up to a couple of months for a charge to appear, because your insurance has to tell us what your financial responsibility is for your appointment.​

  • I don't know which Reason for Visit to choose.

    • Solution: Under the drop-down menu for Reason for Visit, there is a blue link that says "What reason should I choose?". Click this link; it describes each reason, including the visit length, and you can select the reason you want from that window. Please watch the instructional video (located on this page) for appointment scheduling instructions.

Submit Technical Issue

What type of issue are you experiencing?

Pay Your Bill

How you will pay your bill depends on whether the service date was before or after June 17, 2022, when the office switched to the Athena Health system.

Visit date is before 6/17/22

There are a few easy ways to pay your bill or set up a payment plan.

Pay By Mail

If you received a paper statement, you can send back the paper statement with your payment card information, or a check.

Mail all correspondence to:

Jerry Gelbart, M.D. Inc

23 Altarinda Rd

Suite 205a

Orinda, CA 04563

Pay Online

Submit a payment online using the HIPAA secure button below.

Visit date is on or after 6/17/22

If you received a bill or payment request, then there are a few ways you can pay.

During Appointment Check-In

Look for the text message to check-in for your appointments the week before. There is an option to pay during that process.

Through the Athena Patient Portal

Sign in to your Patient Portal and pay the bill. If you are having trouble accessing your patient portal account, please call us at (925)254-3652 or email to initiate a password reset. Please monitor your email for the incoming email from Athena Health.

Click the link below to login to the Athena Patient Portal.

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